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Le code postal de Paris 4 est 75004

Nombre d'habitants de Paris 4 est : 28868

Paris 4 est dans le Paris

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Les derniers inscrits dans l'annuaire Paris 4

Ecole Privée Saint Bernard Ecole Privée Saint Bernard
10 r Petit Musc, 75004 PARIS
Catégorie: école primaire PARIS

Gagetlou Galliéra Créations Gagetlou Galliéra Créations
Catégorie: bijouterie PARIS

J Double V J Double V
52 r Temple, 75004 PARIS
Catégorie: vêtement femme PARIS

Guillard Karine (Selarl) Guillard Karine (Selarl)
27 bd Henri IV, 75004 PARIS
Catégorie: gynecologue PARIS

Laurent Véronique Laurent Véronique
13 rue Archives , 75004 PARIS
Catégorie: sage femme PARIS

Les derniers avis Paris 4

Lindsay Scott sur Kaolin - 25/11/2014 16:48  
I admired the store for weeks before finally having the time to go inside. I was very happy to see all of the lovely decor items they had, and I really loved the items in the store. BUT, the man that is pictured above is so completely full of hatred, it ruined my evening. I was so excited to go to their store, because I LOVE the stuff that they have inside. I had been admiring it for weeks. But I can't begin to explain the way that this man ran me out of his store. This man followed me around the store in an incredibly aggressive manner, and even made grunting sounds when I would admire something. When I smiled at him, he very adamantly refused to make eye contact, but insisted on standing 2 feet away from me and staring at me with what seemed to be pure anger as soon as I went back to looking at the items. It really felt like he was actually staring me down with disgust. I promise that I had done nothing but walk through the store in pure admiration, and a few attempted smiles. I really did love the store. But this man's energy was enough to frighten someone. When I felt I should engage him in conversation because he was breathing over my shoulder (I spoke in French and asked what the bottle in question was meant to be used for), he again refused to make eye contact, and refused to answer me. (In fact he made a grand display of sweeping his head to the side as if he was refusing to speak to me). He was acting very bizarrely and almost trying to intimidate me into leaving his store. When I tried to talk to him about why he was ignoring me, he started yelling at me and relished in the possibility of an argument. I left the store. HORRIBLE, and totally inexplicable given that I was nothing but appreciative for finally being able to see the store in person. I will never return.

See Arnaud's review from 2013 where he says the same thing happened to him:

They have also been written up on the Complaints Board:

sur J Double V - 03/01/2014 14:17  
J'ai découvert cette boutique par hasard !
Tout ce que j'y ai vu m'a plu. Accueil chaleureux.

sur Guillard Karine (Selarl) - 05/10/2013 14:41  
300 euros en dépassement d'honoraires

sur Le Relais de l'Hotel de Ville - 21/08/2013 18:25  
Super moment brasserie parisienne typique et bonne ambiance c eSt tou ce que je recherche dans une brasserie à Paris et enfin un vrai chocolat chaud maison et ainssi su un excellent café

sur Agence PCO - 19/08/2013 09:51  
Agence PCO imprimerie à Paris 4

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